I never could have imagined the experiences, challenges and rewards that come along with the title and responsibility of being "Mom". Everyday my little ones present different needs to be met, new attitudes to understand, stages to conquer, and find new ways to unravel my patience. Despite the challenges, the rewards that come from a genuine I love you mom, a moment of 3 children happily playing together, and even a simple accomplishment bring feelings and emotions that words can't describe. I am ever so grateful for my Precious Little Ones; for their individuality, talents, and the completeness each one contributes to the Cox Clan.

June 2, 2010

Lovable, Furry Friend

For some time, our kids have been asking, pleading, and begging for a pet, more specifically a dog.  I don't blame them. It wouldn't take much to convince me to have one of these:

or one of these....

There's only one problem and that is this:

Alan's idea of a dog is one that can roam around the farm; jump into the back of a truck; play fetch with a tennis ball; can be taken camping, hunting or anywhere else in the rugged outdoors; and most importantly, thrives outside (in other words, would NOT be allowed in the house). Sure there are plenty of dogs that fit in this category. That's not the problem. However, reality for the Cox family in Arizona is that 1.We don't have a farm. 2. We don't even have a backyard big enough to play fetch with a tennis ball. and 3. It is HOT outside for a big dog.
So we find ourselves in a bit of a dilemma. I want a small dog, and Alan wants a Lab. Instead of Alan and I coming to an agreement, Alan and the kids have found some interesting substitutes that they call a pet.

Meet "Scorpy".

After sending Alan out to the desert to get some dirt, he came home with two very excited boys and a new pet scorpion, who was named "Scorpy". I know, very original. I couldn't believe he brought home a very poisionous, ugly insect.  I quickly insisted that they follow two very important rules. First, the lid on the container was NEVER to be taken off by them and second, it was to remain outside at ALL times. Easy enough, right? A few hours later, Jalen went outside to check on Scorpy. Jalen came back inside, trying to sneak past me and carrying the big container behind his back with those pleading eyes, "Don't look, Mom!" I jumped towards him, grabbed the containeer and insisted that he take it back outside. He knew the rule.  Jalen's pleading response, "But Mom! Scorpy is all alone outside. He wants to come and watch the movie upstairs with us! Please!"
After laughing with Alan about this, I explained that our kids want a pet they can love and bond with. They need a loveable, furry friend...not a poisionous insect that has to be kept locked up!
Gratefully, Scorpy only lasted two days.

Now meet Dino.

He is the result of a Father and Son's campout without me being able to insist on releasing the horny toad back into the wild when the camping trip was over. He too is an ugly, creepy reptile. I do have to appreciate that he's not poisonous but still, not a loveable, furry friend.  The kids are very fond of it. Jalen likes to carry him on his shoulder while petting his back and saying, "Hi boy. You're such a nice little boy." Mason likes to let him cling to his shirt and hunt for crickets and bugs to feed it.  T


On our recent trip to Utah, at the last minute, Alan and the boys decided to bring Dino along. Insisting he would starve to death if left alone for 5 days, I reluctantly agreed.  While stopped at a gas station, Madelyn pointed out an adorable dog, with it's front paws and face hanging out of the front seat of a car.  After we both doted over the cute dog, I couldn't help but laugh to myself.  Here we are traveling with our pet, too. Only, he is an ugle horny toad. How entertaining would it be if we held it up to our window for fresh air and for passerbys to see!

Honestly, I was wishing I had the lovable, furry friend for my kids, not the reptile.