I never could have imagined the experiences, challenges and rewards that come along with the title and responsibility of being "Mom". Everyday my little ones present different needs to be met, new attitudes to understand, stages to conquer, and find new ways to unravel my patience. Despite the challenges, the rewards that come from a genuine I love you mom, a moment of 3 children happily playing together, and even a simple accomplishment bring feelings and emotions that words can't describe. I am ever so grateful for my Precious Little Ones; for their individuality, talents, and the completeness each one contributes to the Cox Clan.

February 27, 2009

Mama's Sweet Boy

The last day in February (whether it be the 28th or 29th) is a very special day in our home because we get to celebrate Mason's Birthday. He is turning FIVE! I can't believe how fast he has grown up...time just goes by way too quickly. Those sweet moments of Mason as a newborn, toddler, and little boy did not last long enough. Mason has a very special place in my heart. He is such a Sweet Boy...very loving in the way he combs my hair behind my ear and then whispers "I love you"; never too big or cool to hold my hand when going for a walk; and his sweet smile wins me over everytime. Despite that he is FIVE now and truly not my little baby anymore, he will always be Mama's Sweet Boy!

Fun Facts
Name: Mason Alan Cox
Born on Leap Year! February 29th 2004 at 8:30 am
Weight: 7 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches
Adored by his Big Sister, who for the first few days couldn't share enough kisses while patting his head and whispering "Soft, Baby"
The night we went to the hospital, Manti's high school basketball team was playing in the state championship game. Alan was planning to go, but we thought Baby was on his way, so a little disappointed, Alan took me to the hospital instead. However, it was a very long night, with much anticipation from all our family. The last thing Alan's mom said to me before leaving town that weekend was "Just whatever you do, don't have that baby on leap year!" We were running out of time...but Mason was born the next morning (of course leap year) and we were so grateful to have him! Growing up in rival high schools, the nurses at the hospital did have fun making sure that Mason was adored in a blue hat (NO RED) and little booties that said Go Bulldogs!

Mason was such a fun little boy, but a very mischevious one! I couldn't leave him for a second without finding a HUGE mess, usually in the kitchen.

As a toddler, Mason discovered the outdoors and couldn't get enough of it. He loved to escape across the street to check out our neighbors horses and dogs; go to the farm with his dad, ride the 4 wheelers, and in the big feed truck.

Being the middle child often brings challenges, but there's also the benefits of always having a friend to play with. Mason loves to build forts, go on a pretend campout or airplane ride, play school, and ride bikes with Madelyn and Jalen.

Mason had a very challenging year this last year when he broke his femur, had two rods placed, and then another surgery later in the year to take the rods out. He was limited at weeks at a time with running, climbing, and playing. But Mason made the most of it...he was always positive, smiling, and never complained. He truly is such a sweet boy!

Mason can spend a lot of time entertaining himself. He enjoys puzzles, coloring and practicing his letters and is very good at it. He loves to build with blocks, legos, and magnetics. His creativity and talent amazes me! I am so grateful to have Mason in our family. I love him so much and am thankful that he is my sweet boy! Happy Birthday Mason, we love you!!

February 9, 2009

To Do List

Are any of you listmakers? I grew up with a list almost everyday made by my mom on a yellow stick-it note for my daily chores and reminders. Sometimes it was even just a quick "don't forget to take your laundry downstairs, XOXO Mom". Whatever the case, I loved them. Now, I see myself taking after my mom. I like to make lists for everything...for my kids, the grocery store, daily to-do's, projects for down the road, lists for upcoming events or parties, and my favorite: love-to's (things I would LOVE to accomplish, but rarely get a chance to actually do them.) But I am so proud of myself because I have recently found time and accomplished 3 of my love-to's!

1. The first one you may have noticed when coming onto my blog...it finally has music!! This is something I wanted to do when I first created my blog 8 months ago. So why has it taken so long to do? Maybe because I didn't know how to do it and mostly, because I thought it would be technical, difficult and of course--time consuming. However, it was very easy. Anyhow, I am pleased that it is finally done and can make a checkmark on my list!

2. I finally finished the quilts I started for Mason and Jalen back in August. For the past 2 months, all I needed to do was finish the binding on one of the quilts but actually making time for this seemed impossible. But they are done and were such a fun project! Thanks mom for your help!!

3. A couple of years ago after first moving to Surprise, my friend Candace and I participated in our Stake Fun run. Because we were not runners and in fact never once ran even around the block before the event, it was done all for fun. We weren't even able to run the entire 5k or 2.3 miles, we had to walk a couple of times. During this race, there were several people passing us along the way who were working on their second time around the route to accomplish the 10k. I thought, Wow. I could NEVER run that far. It takes so much effort, dedication, and willpower to accomplish running 4.5 miles. But I thought how neat it would be to actually do it. So this became something on my "love-to" list. It's been a long time since then and I have taken up on running. Slowly but surely, little by little, and with the help of my running buddies Becca and Brittanie, we have been running decent distances. To my surprise, I clocked one of my routes the other day and it was over 4.5 miles! Silly to say, but I felt exhilirated! I never thought I could be a runner, so I really feel like I have accomplished something! So what does this mean? I could participate and finish a 10k race and maybe, just maybe, I'll think about pushing to do a 1/2 marathon.......maybe........someday!!

February 8, 2009

What Is Heaven Like?

Recently, Mason and Jalen have shared their insight on what they think Heaven Is Like....

During Jalen's first sharing time lesson in Primary, the children were all asked to color a picture to show what they thought Heaven was like. Pictures were being made of clouds, families, Jesus, the sun, flowers, etc. Jalen picture was just a scribble, but when asked to share what picture he had drawn or what Heaven is Like, Jalen stated that their were lots of rats and rattlesnakes in Heaven! Another Sunbeam next to him, Olivia, firmly exclaimed that there are NOT rats and rattlesnakes in Heaven. Jalen's response..."Oh YES THERE IS!"
For a little boy who truly is ALL BOY, maybe heaven to him would be one with snakes and rats.
I personally hope Olivia is right!

One morning while driving Mason to preschool, I had a very interesting conversation with him and his friend Ethan about Heaven. First, they were interested in knowing if there would be snow in Heaven and how long it could last. They both had amusing insights at why or why not the snow would melt...for example Heaven is up in the clouds so the snow would stay a long time, but then if Heaven is up in the sky it is also right by the sun so maybe the snow would melt quickly.
The next question asked was are their toys in Heaven? When I stated no, both Ethan and Mason were devastated! No toys?! What are we supposed to do all the time? Can't we take some with us? I didn't have the heart to say no, so instead I asked if they could take just one thing, what would it be. Mason's response, "my treasure box with all my specials things inside" and Ethan's response, "my Star War's nintendo game...then I can be the Bad guy...there has to be bad guys in heaven, too!"
What a fun conversation this was and with two adorable little boys who are just trying to figure it all out and discover What Heaven is Like!

February 1, 2009

Character Counts

I have to take a minute and do a little bragging...Madelyn attends Canyon Ridge Elementary School, one of 20 elementary schools in our district. We have been so impressed with her school and teachers and the progress she makes as a student. Just as important, the school also places an emphasis on being good kids as well. They have a program or motto at their school called "Character Counts". It's how the kids learn about being honest, good leaders, kind, respectful, etc. This year, each teacher chose two students from their class who were good examples in having good character. Madelyn and her friend Brock were chosen from their class! I am so proud of her. What a neat award and accomplishment...way to go!!