I never could have imagined the experiences, challenges and rewards that come along with the title and responsibility of being "Mom". Everyday my little ones present different needs to be met, new attitudes to understand, stages to conquer, and find new ways to unravel my patience. Despite the challenges, the rewards that come from a genuine I love you mom, a moment of 3 children happily playing together, and even a simple accomplishment bring feelings and emotions that words can't describe. I am ever so grateful for my Precious Little Ones; for their individuality, talents, and the completeness each one contributes to the Cox Clan.

October 29, 2009

"Sparkle Student"

I recently went to parent teacher conference where I was informed from Mason's kindergarten teacher that Mason was the "Sparkle Student" for the week.  His teacher couldn't compliment Mason enough on being kind hearted, obedient, a good friend and leader, and an excellent student. I am so proud of him!

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Mason these past few months. Kindergarten has changed him...mostly in good ways!  For example, he is so eager to get all ready in the morning, make his bed, brush teeth, wash his face, and ask what his "job" is for the day.  I never have to ask him twice to get things done.  I think he is discovering being independent and the satifisfaction that comes with it!

I can also see Mason's curiosity and mischevious side developing.  Not too long ago, Mason spent the afternoon at a friend's house.  That evening I asked what they did and if they had fun.  He got a cute little smirk on his face and smiled, saying "Yes, we had lots of fun. We got in trouble, too!"  Of course I needed more details at this point.  He went on to tell me that they threw rocks over his friend's fence and into the neighbor's backyard who happens to be a girl classmate of theirs.  He then said the dad was out in the back yard and so of course he saw and that's how they got in trouble.  However, Mason was not upset that they got caught, rather he had this very mischevious smile, like it was FUN doing something naughty and getting caught!  Of course I gave the whole, that wasn't a good choice talk, but really I was trying so hard not to smile myself.  I had never seen this side of Mason before! I kept thinking, this is only the beginning of little boys being boys.  It reminded me of the neighbor boys I grew up with.  All too often we found pranks at our house...gum and weeds on the door knob; a broken peach tree limb full of ripe peaches, bee bee guns firing at other neighbor boys, missing clothes pins from the clothes line, and rocks being thrown at the front door.  Although I would love having a very obedient, respectful, do-no-wrong kind of boy, the reality is that it's not going to happen! I simply must accept that boys will be boys, with a few "Sparkle" moments in between!

October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jalen

I can hardly believe that my baby boy is 4 years old. Time has gone by too fast. Although Jalen came at a very unexpected and extremely busy time in my life, I wouldn't change it for the world! More and more I am realizing that his placement in our family was at the right time, despite how crazy it seemed to have 3 little ones, all within 3 years.  Simply put, Jalen keeps are family smiling...something that we can always use more of!  He is the entertainer, the silly one, and he can change a stressful or tense moment into laughter.  He has a great relationship with his older siblings; they both adore him and in a way, he gels the three of them together.
He is such a joy to have in our family.  I love him so much and am so grateful for the sweet and good boy he is. I love you Jalen!

Jalen keeps us laughing at the funny things he is always saying.  Here are just a few that have come up in the last couple of days...

The day of his birthday, Jalen kept asking, "Am I 4 now?" After my nod yes, everytime he would say "YESSSSSS!"
I laughed to myself everytime.

While at another friend's birthday party, this was his conversation with his friends while coloring dinosaur pictures.  Jalen very seriously: "I love dinosaur dreams.  Dinosaur dreams are good for your body!"  All the other boys just nodded their heads in agreement like everything he said made total sense!

We recently took down our vertical blinds that went across sliding glass door.  Alan had it all in the big garbage can.  Jalen was so excited to show Madelyn and Mason.  While lifting up the big lid and showing them he said, "That's so damn awesome!"  Alan, quite shocked standing by, couldn't hardly scold him because he was trying too hard not to laugh out loud!

One day when quite upset with me, he said "I'm tired of you not following MY RULES! If you don't then I'm going to cut all your hair off with my clippers!" (meaning his fingernail clippers, which he is obsessed with...keeping his nails trimmed just right!)

He is too funny.

For several months Jalen has aniticipated his big day...turning 4 and getting a whole day to be the Birthday Boy!  The day after we delivered his invitations, Jalen walked downstairs first thing in the morning and with teary eyes, said "You forgot my birthday!"  At first I was a little confused until he stated, "You didn't decorate!" Traditionally the kids wake up to the kitchen decorated with streamers and balloons, which Jalen was expecting that morning.  I quickly explained that his birthday wasn't for a few more days and that we would never forget his birthday or to decorate! That quickly solved his concern!

Welcome to the Jungle

Jalen is very interested in snakes and other jungle animals, so we decided this would be a perfect year to throw a jungle party!

Here are the decorations Jalen woke up to on his birthday...he was thrilled, especially with the snakes hanging from the vines.

When the guests arrived, they each chose an animal (tiger, zebra or giraffe) hat to make.  We even attempted a little face painting.

But when Jalen looked in the mirror at his whiskers, he didn't like it at all! After scrubbing his face clean, he next went to clean his friends' faces too!

We played some fun games...Duck, Duck, Goose, only it was Lion, Lion ROAR! The kids then chased each other to try and grab the Lion's tail.  We also let the kids dance around a "mud pit" to some fun jungle music and try not to get stuck in the mud when the music turned off.  They were all so cute playing these games.

Probably the favorite game/activity (which I was very surprised about) was the "Snake Pit."  I had lots of little jungle animals, snakes, worms, and frogs buried in a big pot of spaghetti noodles.  The kids absolutely loved this! They all kept taking turns and coming back for more.

Gavin...the cutest little guy ever!!

Jalen loves all of his presents! Thanks so much to everyone.

A Snake Cake, of course!

Lovin his cheetos

Birthday hugs!

So So Sweet!

Here they are...
Braden Lunt, Cyrena Dean, Kade Ashton, Hannah Biancamano, Jalen, Cooper Napoles, Adrianne, Ryder Turner, Cameron Lloyd, Breckan Turner.

What an adorable and fun group of kids! Thanks so much for sharing Jalen's birthday with us!
And a special thanks to Shannon for snapping all the great pics!